Storage in Erie, PA 16506

You lock it away and you keep the key. With over 300 units, we have a variety of storage sizes to fit any budget and requirement. Our units feature steel slide latches with roll-up doors, steel partition walls, exterior lighting on each building and paved access directly to each unit, along with 24-hour daily access.

Outdoor Storage

5' x 5' $40 / month

5' x 10' $67 / month

10' x 10' $94 / month

10' x 15' $110 / month

10' x 20' $135 / month

10' x 30' $165/month

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About The Units

To help you envision the storage space, each interior ceiling is 9 feet high. The width of the door for our 5 x 5 and 5 x 10 styles is just over 3 feet wide. In the 10 x 10 or larger sizes, the door width is 8 feet. Also, all doors are 7 feet 8 inches high.

The lease terms are month by month. We will be happy to prorate your first month’s rent if you need storage for longer than one month’s time. A security deposit equivalent to one month’s rent is due at the time of sign-up. Rental payments are due on the first of every month. Sales tax is included in the monthly fee. For your convenience, we do sell recommended locks with private keys for $13.00.

Good storage practice suggests using pallets or other means of keeping furniture and items away from direct contact with the concrete floor. Store your valuables to the rear of the unit. It is best to cover goods with plastic or other material to protect it from dust. The use of some type of rodent control is also recommended if items are going to be stored for an extended period of time.