Delivering diverse construction experience and expertise

Riedman’s heritage in quality construction began with the building of single-family homes across the Greater Rochester region. As the company has grown and diversified beyond new home construction, so too has its construction experience and expertise.

Riedman has come to be known for its creative problem solving, design ingenuity, and the constant pursuit of construction methodologies that consistently deliver cost-effective solutions on time and in accordance with rigorous quality and safety standards.

Today, supported by some of the most qualified building professionals in the industry, Riedman provides design and construction services for a wide array of residential projects, including: single- multi-family homes, senior living communities, condominium complexes, as well as affordable housing communities throughout Upstate New York and Western Pennsylvania.

Nationally Renowned Design

Riedman collaborates with nationally recognized architects on their construction design helping to ensure you have access to the latest trends in home design.


From construction to mechanicals and appliances, energy efficiency and a concern for the environment is at the forefront of our building and finishing practices.  

Convenient Locations

From the Canal to Canandaigua to Corning, our new new home communities are further distinguished by their proximity to ever-growing, ever-welcoming communities with easy access to everything they have to offer.  
“As construction methodologies and technologies evolve, Riedman continues to stay one step ahead. We remain keenly focused on delivering the latest trends in construction design and thoughtful amenities that we know will ensure the highest level of satisfaction for residents and owners.”
Michael Valent
Vice President of Construction

Driven to deliver what’s better and what’s next

One of our goals at Riedman is to always be innovating. That means helping to drive the resurgence of a city, town or village with innovative housing opportunities or by creating unique communities that accommodate the changing lifestyles of today’s consumers.